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Date: 6th April 2016
Porcelain Fused To Zirconia

Welcome to Midway Dental Laboratory website, we are always ready for your needs of low price and high quality porcelain fused to zirconia(pfz) made in China and China porcelain fused to zirconia(pfz).
The PFZ is an all-zirconia core that is available in all classic and 3D shades, then layered with VITA VM9 porcelain to match final restoration.  The zirconia core has a flexural strength (MPA) of up to 1400, making it ideal for single units and bridged frames.  Zirconia is highly translucent, especially when compared to traditional metal substructures.  These qualities of zirconia provide natural-looking restorations, indistinguishable from the patient's natural teeth.
PFZs are designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology.  Zirconia copings are sintered for 8 hours at 1530 degrees Celsius; bridges over 5 units are sintered for 10 hours at 1530 degrees Celsius.
WIth the new technology of CAD, the automation of developing a PFZ is at a greater demand.  We can have the best marginal integrity and fit with the precision of a red laser light that scans each die.  Even with the automation process to design our zirconia core, we still feel there is a need for knowledge of contour and design in our industry.  Each PFZ framework is hand-layered with VITA VM9 porcelain to give the patient optimal esthetics and guaranteed quality.
?Anterior/Posterior Crown and Bridge
?Bridges up to 14 units
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