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Date: 6th April 2016
Titanium Crown And Bridge

Welcome to Midway Dental Laboratory website, we are always ready for your needs of low price and high quality titanium crown and bridge made in China and China titanium crown and bridge.
Our dental lab is pleased to announce our new titanium alloy restoration. Our Titanium crowns/bridges are available as a viable alternative to the high cost and fluctuating gold prices. Our noble titanium allow crowns/bridges is a CAD/CAM produced restoration which provides consistent accuracy and labor saving production costs. This enables us to offer you an economically priced restoration which you will find convenient and competitively priced.
Our reputation has been built on fabricating outstanding restorations that incorporate eye-pleasing aesthetics to satisfy the most discerning dentists and patients. What we have achieved is to blend the delicate balance between  art and science and created results that are truly impressive.
The Benefits of Titanium Crowns/Bridges:
1. Consistent Results
2. Economically Priced
3. X-Ray Radiolucent
4. Conventionally Cemented
5. Highly Biocompatible
6. Screw Retained Implants       http://www.dentallabs-china.com